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Summer jobs 2021 in the USA

Seize the incredible opportunity to work this summer in the United-states !


Participate to the Camp Counselor Program with International Services and its partners and live a summer you will remember all your life !


The Camp Counselor Program will allow you to work during 8 to 9 weeks in one of our partner camps in the United-States. You will be responsible for the overall supervision of campers (American youth between 7 to 15 years old) with the aim of providing a healthy, safe and enjoyable camp environment and experience! Many activities are available, such as dance, basket-ball, art, soccer,...



How can I do ?


With International Services, everything is easy. We will take care of finding your placement in one of our partner camps. This is how it works : 


  1. I send my English CV online (click here
  2. My application is accepted, I have a first Skype interview with International Services' team. 
  3. Hooray ! The interview is successful, International Services is helping me to prepare the first documents
  4. I have a second Skype interview with the US sponsor in parternship with International Services, they will be in charge of my visa.
  5. A placement if offered to me and I have a final Skype interview with the camp. 
  6. The job is mine ?! An official offer is sent to, all I have to do now is to prepare my visa request with the help of International Services.


Sounds easy ? Don't wait ! We will accept applications until March 1st, 2021.

Requirements :


  • Be at least 18 years old 
  • Speak English
  • Be available from June to August 2021 
  • Be a current student OR to have special skills like sport, art,...
  • To have a valid passport 
  • Provide 2 reference letters from a previous employer or teacher 
  • To have a clear criminal backgroung 

Benefits :


  • Accommodation and meals are provided
  • Pocket money of $1500 for the summer
  • Visa paid by the employer
  • Gain work expérience and build your CV 
  • 30 days to explore the USA after the end date of your program
  • Medical insurance included with the visa

What budget ?


The program is offering many benefits, you also need to anticipate a few fees :


  • Registration and placement fee : 375€
  • Appointment fee at the US Embassy : 160$
  • Most camps will pay the SEVIS fee ($35.00) on behalf of their exchange visitors. If your camp does not pay for SEVIS, this small fee will be added to your program fees. 
  • Flight tickets




Apply now !