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Summer Job - Legoland New York

Work this summer at Legoland New York with International Services and have a summer to remember !


The Summer job at Legoland New York allows you to work from June to August in a United States theme park.



We are recruiting for two positions :


Attractions Operator : You will be responsible for excellent customer service, maintenance and safety, using the appropriate tools and IT systems. You will operate the rides and spend your day outside interacting with the children and providing them experiences they will cherish forever.



Park Presentation Host : You will be directly involved in maintaining Legoland New York's reputation as a clean, safe, healthy and environmentally friendly place. You will ensure that visitors have memorable and lasting memories in a clean, mess-free park while working outdoors.


Location :


Approximately 1 hour from Manhattan


Legoland New York is offering you the opportunity to work for a summer in their park. This opportunity will give you an international experience that will enhance your CV while improving your English.

The program will provide you many benefits listed below. There are some costs to consider before departure (visa, placement, airfare), please consult the budget.


How do I apply ?


International Services makes it easy. We'll find you a job at Legoland New York.

Here's how it works:


  1. I send my CV in English via the online form.
  2. My application is accepted, I have a first video interview in English with the International Services team
  3. Yippee! The interview was positive and International Services help me to prepare the first documents
  4. I have a second interview with Legoland New York
  5. I got the job ! An offer is sent to me, I just have to prepare my visa application with the help of International Services


Recruitment is now over for summer 2023. 



Benefits of the program !

This program offers several benefits:


  • Housing (shared room with 1 person) provided and deducted from your salary (175$ / week)
  • Salary of 16,50$ per hour (approximately 2,100$ per month)
  • You will work between 32h and 40h / week
  • Considerable experience gain 
  • Improves your CV
  • Improves your English skills
  • Medical insurance included with the visa



What budget should I anticipate ?


The program offers many benefits listed above.

There are also a few fees to consider, as follows :


  • Registration and placement fees: 350 €
  • Visa fees: 1,000$
  • Appointment fee at the US Embassy in Paris: 160$
  • SEVIS Fee: 35$
  • Round trip flight ticket
  • Transportation from the accommodation to the work place at 7 miles (about 11km) (by Uber/taxi




Eligibility Requirements :


  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Speak English
  • Be available from June to August 
  • Be a student 
  • Have a valid passport 
  • Have a clean criminal record