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Italian Program: Tuscan Gardens

Express your Italian traditions and heritage in Florida! 

As part of our Tuscan Gardens Culinary Program, you will receive the chance of lifetime to learn and work side by side with chefs and other associates, making lifelong memories and friends as well as attaining culinary, restaurant and business knowledge to assist you with developing your profession. In addition, the Culinary Program at Tuscan Gardens will assist you with sharpening our leadership, presentation and customer service skills.

Tuscan Gardens Kitchen creates superior dining experiences for the residents and guests. In the Tuscan Gardens Kitchen, you will have the chance to express your Italian traditions and practice’s while experiencing and immersing yourself in the culture, customs, attitude, philosophy, and customs of the United States.



You will have the opportunity to work for 12 months under a United States “Q” Visa, providing world class experiences to the residents, helping them to learn and remember more about the Italian culture through exceptional service and food as you greet, interact, socialize with and assist residents and guests while sharing your irreplaceable Italian culture. You will also gain a competitive advantage on your resume while learning from the experienced chefs and workers as you work in a growing community, making wonderful lifelong friends.


Redefine the art of living with Tuscan Gardens

Upon entering any of the Tuscan Gardens communities, residents and guests are captivated by the breath-taking Tuscan ambiance, transporting them to the splendor of Italy.

Tuscan Gardens grew out of founder and CEO Larry Pino’s quest to built senior living communities dedicated to his and his family’s rich Italian heritage, culture and values. Tuscan Gardens is heavily influenced by the Italian lifestyle and Tuscan living and provides that family focus, culture and engagement offering guests an experience unlike any other.

Tuscan Gardens is rich in effortless elegance, or as they say in Italian, “sprezzatura.” This community is designed – in every facet and nuance – to promote and elevate the art of living with an Italian flare.  From the stunning architecture that evokes the charm and warmth of Mediterranean villas to the meticulously landscaped grounds, gardens, walking paths and fountains that beckon you outside to enjoy all of nature’s bounty, the guest are surrounded with beauty.


Tuscan Gardens put great emphasis on food, especially Italian food – the aromas, textures, and flavors – and create Signature Dining experiences worthy of the residents.

The open Tuscan kitchen is the heart of the residence, where chefs prepare meals with fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits grown in their own gardens. The air is scented with aromas of home: sauce simmering on the stove, fresh basil growing in the garden and bread baking in the oven.


For many guests, the kitchen was the most important room in the house. It was where they cooked, nurtured children, dined as a family, entertained and visited with friends and family.

That tradition continues at Tuscan Gardens. Open and airy, our Tuscan Kitchen welcomes residents to enjoy a feast for all the senses. Residents are encouraged to:

  • Watch in delight as the chef prepares meals from scratch.

  • Enjoy family-style meals together, sharing stories and conversation at the table.

  • Exchange treasured recipes to be cooked by the chef and enjoyed by all.

  • Participate in cooking classes and demonstrations.



Positions Available

  • Server ($14 per hour)
  • Cook ($25 per hour)


You will be working 40 hours per week. You will have 2 days off per week.


  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Have an Italian Passport valid for at least 2 years from time of submission.
  • English Fluency
  • Be available for 12 months.



Accommodation will be provided to you by Tuscan Gardens, in one of their fully furnished homes. Housing costs will be automatically deducted from your paycheck ($500 per month).


Travel Services

International Services will assist you with obtaining your visa and medical insurance. We also offer an optional travel program which includes airfare and all transfers.

Tuscan Gardens will provide transportation to and from your accommodations and the Tuscan Gardens community.


If you are interested, please send your application online :