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Patina Restaurant Group is launching you into space in 2019

New Patina restaurant in epcot

The Patina Restaurant Group, a luxurious catering company, offers you the opportunity to work for 12/15 months in their new opening Space Restaurant in Walt Disney World. 

Patina Restaurant Group counts more than 60 locations in restaurants and performing arts center across the United States. 


Knowing a great success with their restaurants in Disney Springs and Walt Disney World, the PATINA Group is opening their new Space 220 themed restaurant in EPCOT


Like in the real International Space Station, represent your country in this restaurant. We will recruit European candidates which role will be to make the guests feel like they are in space. Participate to the Cultural representative Program with Patina in EPCOT and acquire an extremely valuable professional experience.


About the restaurant

The new Space 220 restaurant which is located next to the attraction Mission to Mars, will offer simulated views into space with diners sitting in a spaceship themed dining room. The new restaurant will be located between Mission Space and Test track at EPCOT. The dining room will contain more than 350 seats. Customers will access to the dining room thanks to two fully functioning elevators with large digital screens, similar to those used by tourists to access the viewing platforms at One World Trade Center and the Burj Khalifa. The Space Restaurant is using these screens on the elevator to simulate the trip to the space station. After exiting the elevators, customers will enter into the newly constructed restaurant that will be connected to the rear of the existing lounge. After walking through a small hallway, guests will enter into the main dining room that will have a 250-foot-long digital screen that flanks the back of the curbed room.


The cultural representative program

To work in the United-States, you will need a visa.


Our agency will assist you for the visa request. The cultural representative program is giving you the opportunity to work in the USA while representing your country towards the international guests visiting the Space Center. 


This program is designed for young European candidates willing to share their culture: culinary traditions, touristic places, languages and dialects... 


Our team will be assisting you with every step of the process, including the request of the cultural representative visa, Q1. A few weeks before your departure, you will have your visa appointment at the US Embassy in order to request officially your visa. 

Interviews will start in January 2019

Conditions to participate  :

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Speak English
  • Be available 12 to 15 months
  • Own the European passport

available Positions

We are recruiting all year long for the Cultural Representative Program for PATINA at the Space 220 Restaurant. Many positions in Food & Beverage are available, don't hesitate to share with your friends! 


You already participated to a Walt Disney World program? You're welcome to reapply! (Only if you successfully completed your first program and have a positive reference).




Work with PATINA restaurants will be an incredible experience.

The policy of the company is to give the possibility to everyone to evolve during this program, this is why all candidates will rotate on different Food and Beverage positions. After a few months you will evolve and work at the restaurant as a restaurant host or as a server. This is not applicable for culinary positions. To apply for this program you must be flexible and accept to work on different food and beverage positions. 

When is the good timing to apply ? 

Applications - first recruitment 

Dates of selections

Departure for Orlando 

 From November 2018 to the end of March 2019

April 2019 

From September to December 2019

my life in orlando

During your program in Orlando, Florida, you will live in a fully equipped residence : internet, swimming pool, fitness room... 


The rent will automatically be deducted from you salary. 


From the residence you will have an easy access to different shopping centers, mall and bank. Transportation by bus is also provided by the employer to reach the Space Restaurant you will be working in. 



Patina Disney Springs Residence


For 25 years, our agency is recruiting and assisting the candidates in their international career.


Once that you have been selected for the program, our team will be assisting you in every step in the process, until your departure to Orlando (visa appointment medical insurance, travel)!

You will be able to follow-up your process in your online profile and have a quick access to your file and the important documents. 


Ready to get launched into space?