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Cultural Representative Program - France with Bocuse

What is Chefs de France ? 


« Chefs de France » represent the French culture at EPCOT, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. 


The Disney Cultural Representative program allows young French to represent their country and their culture to the international guests of Walt Disney World parc.

Working for Chefs de France, part of the Bocuse group, is an extremly rewarding professionnal experience and will allow you to work in a multi-cultural environment.


Composed of a luxurious French Brasserie, a fine dining restaurant, 'Monsieur Paul', and a French Bakery, the « Chefs de France » offers many job opportunities for young French eager to represent the culture and the French "savoir-faire".


Conditions to participate : 


  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a French passport
  • Be able to hold a conversation in English
  • Be available for 12 months (few programs are for 6 months only)



 Discover Chefs de France :

Your life in Orlando :


Accommodation will be provided to you, in one of the fully furnished Disney residence, close to the park (internet connection, swimming pool, fitness rooms…). Your rent will be directly deducted from your salary.


You will be working between 30 and 40 hours per week, with two days off.


Housing in Walt Disney World

Get more with International Services :


Our agency is not only in charge of the recruitment. We will assist you with every step in the process until your departure.

We will help you with the visa request, the medical insurance, etc… We also offer a Travel Package, which includes the flight, the first night at the hotel and the shuttle to reach your Disney residence for your check-in.


travel package with International Services


Am I the good person for this experience?

These are the profiles we are looking for ! 


  • Bakery Hosts / Hostesses


Selling typical French products (pastries, crêpes, wines...) at the Bakery. Welcoming the guest, giving advices, selling, preparaing some pastries, cash registering, cleaning the shop. 


  • Head Waiter


Starting with a position of head waiter at the Brasserie "Chefs de France", then possibility to become a head waiter at the gastronomic restaurant ("Monsieur Paul"). Presenting the menu, taking orders, serving the tables and the wine, wine pairings, cash registering.


  • Cooks


Position of commis during the first three months. Then evolution to the position of demi-chef de partie. 


  • Pastry cooks


Position of commis pastry at the restaurant « Chefs de France ». In contact with the international guests (open position). 


  • Bakers


Preparing the bread and the pastries for the Bakery and the restaurants. 


If you don't feel ready for the "Chefs de France", if your English isn't good enough, or if you need a job right away: the 5000 miles program is for you! 





Our agency is also in charge of the recruitment for the Italian Pavilion, more information here !